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As we accept responsibilty for our employees so do we for society by sponsoring and promoting local charity projects with focus on education and culture.


Sponsoring a newspaper subscription of the Stuttgarter Zeitung

ZeitungspateInvesting in children’s education is paying off in their future lifes. That’s why we are supporting the Fanny-Leicht-Gymnasium with a Stuttgater Nachrichten newspaper subscription. Enabling the young scholars to read a newspaper daily is helping them at first to understand political, social and economic topics and second to develop an own opinion. For further information on how to support this project, feel free to visit their website here.


Sponsoring a car for the JES

JES„Das Junge Ensemble Stuttgart“ (JES) is a theatre in Stuttgart especially for children and young adults supported by the city council and federal state. Five to six plays are being produced through a professional drama-ensemble for children and young people. The JES also promotes their plays nation wide as well as internationally and engages in the field of theatre pedagogy focusing on children and young people theatre. Please find further information about JES here.


Sponsoring  a car for the Diakoniestation Stuttgart

DSThe word „deaconry“ originates from greek word for service: it refers to the service for people in need and active charity. This social service provided by the Protestant Church in Germany is helping ill and disabled persons, elderly people in need for care as well their family members and all people who are in need for help. Please find further information about the „Diakoniestation“ in Stuttgart here.


Regular donations to „Aktion Weihnachtsmann & Co. e.V.“

weihnachtmann„Helping does make happy!“ – is the motto of „Aktion Weihnachtsmann & Co. e. V.“ for more than 40 years now. Cooperating with regional companies, dedicated citizens, leading personalities from politics, economics and culture as well as with the local administration of Stuttgart, „Aktion Weihnachtsmann & Co. e.V.“ is supporting and initiating charity projects. Please find further information about „Aktion Weihnachtsmann & Co. e.V.“ here.

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