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October 2018

.. effisma designs garage network of the future

Autonomous driving, connectivity, electric drive and new mobility concepts will change aftersales in the automotive industry in the long term. In order to adapt in time to these changes and not leave the future playing field to big tech companies or digital start-ups alone, the effisma.group supports a worldwide leading premium manufacturer in the conception of a target vision for its garage network of the future.

September 2018

.. effisma at the Call Tracking Day in Kaiserslautern

We are looking forward to having our colleague Mr. Sven Gutsche as a speaker at the first German Call Tracking Day on Thursday October 25th 2018 in Kaiserslautern. Mr. Gutsche will speak about the topic of digital transformation in the automotive industry and how it can be driven by retail through a comprehensive lead management.

May 2018

.. effisma conducts training series on mobility concepts for car dealerships

Ingo Frank, partner and managing director of effisma.group, conducted a video training series on the subject of „Mobility concepts for car dealerships“ for the online learning platform eCampus of AUTOHAUS Next. In 4 modules Mr. Frank deals with changes in mobility, with the question of how dealers can benefit from it and what they should do to position themselves as mobility service providers in the car rental sector.

Hav a look at it here.

March 2018

.. effisma designs a new test driving experience

While automotive retail has experienced profound changes within the last decades, the test drive as an important part of the buying process stayed nearly the same. By applying innovative methods such as Design Thinking as well as questioning of focus groups, effisma supports the innovation lab of a worldwide leading premium OEM to develop a new concept for test driving with the aim to provide individual experiences to its customers.

December 2017

.. effisma proves the feasibility of the implementation of a mobility product for the Canadian and Swiss market

We support a worldwide leading automotive manufacturer by analyzing the Canadian and Swiss automotive markets regarding local, already existing mobility concepts. Furthermore, possible business models are validated and a business case is calculated.  Based on the outcome, we derive recommendations for action, not only regarding strategic aspects, but also including approaches for the operative implementation and nationwide roll-out of the mobility product.

May 2017

.. effisma tests innovative and customer-oriented business model

effisma.group supported the innovation lab of a worldwide leading OEM on its path from a traditional automobile OEM to a full-service provider. We designed the new business model at all phases: providing a minimum viable product concept of a premium valet parking service as well as developing a booking platform and operational backend. The following testing phase to validate its market readiness has been independently planned, prepared, steered, and carried out by effisma during a local public event.

January 2017

.. effisma designs a phone call tracking solution within the scope of lead management

The effisma.group develops a phone call tracking solution for a leading online car portal in Switzerland, in order to create transparency as part of an integrated lead Management. For this purpose, we analyze the relevant market conditions and work out the expectations and requirements from a dealer and user perspective. Based on this, we elaborate a detailed call tracking concept.

December 2016

.. effisma realigns sales strategy of automotive bank

The effisma.group designs future strategic directions in the field of market development for an automotive bank. In a first pilot phase, we analyze the existing ideas regarding dealer support as well as the collaboration model, in order to develop and define an optimized integrated support concept based on the pilot evaluation. In addition, we adjust the management organization to the adopted concept. As soon as all pre-conditions for a successful roll-out are met, the effisma.group designs a roll-out concept and suitable transition scenarios.

November 2016

.. effisma with feasibility study on implementation of mobility product for Korean market

We support a worldwide leading automotive manufacturer by analyzing the Korean automotive market regarding local, already existing mobility concepts. Furthermore, possible business models are validated and a business case is calculated.  Based on this, the effisma.group prepares recommendations, not only regarding strategic aspects, but also including approaches for the operative implementation and nationwide roll-out of the mobility product.

October 2016

.. effisma supports a strategic realignment in online sales

The project for a strategic realignment in the used car market focuses on the preparation of new online business models to strengthen direct and indirect distribution channels.

Within this overall purpose, a special attention is required for demonstrating opportunities and risks within quality and quantity dimensions. As a consequence, success factors of different sales models can be reliably measured.

September 2016

.. effisma accepts a teaching assignment at the institute for automobile industry
From now on, Sven Gutsche, senior consultant at effisma.group, succeeds Stefan J. Gaul in giving a lecture on “New media in automobile industry” at the Nuertingen-Geislingen University (NGU). In this way, effisma.group supports students in their education and it completes theoretical teaching contents with practical experiences and examples. In addition, effisma.group is engaged in intensive exchange with students.

September 2016

.. effisma supports the strategic alignment of an innovation lab within the organization of a premium-automotive OEM
We are focusing on developing concepts and piloting innovative prototypes. Moreover, we identify and evaluate in close cooperation new innovative business models that have the potential of a prototypical implementation.

August 2016

.. effisma works out sales network structure and concept for a focused Van business on dealership level
The changing patterns of consumer behavior (online purchase, digitization,..) also influence the automotive industry. Regarding Van sales that means new customer requirements, which need to be considered in the dealer and sales network. Within this context effisma analyses future trends as well as existing concepts of the van division of a premium automotive manufacturer and derives processes and requirements concerning the retail infrastructure. In addition, options for the application of dealership contracts for Van professionalization are developed and integrated in the overall concept.

August 2016

.. we welcome our new master’s student Lisa Beer

During the following three months, Ms. Beer will support our team in the framework of her master’s thesis. Ms. Beer is currently enrolled in the master’s program in industrial engineering and management at the technical university of Berlin. The topic of her thesis is the development of a comprehensive ecosystem for OEMs, connected cars and connected consumers.

We are looking forward to give her some insights in our daily consulting business. Welcome.

July 2016

.. effisma points out new automotive business models
Within the framework of a comprehensive strategy development, effisma analyzes future, profitable automotive business models of a European media group. Through a benchmark analysis and the implementation of dealer interviews, opportunities and risks of a relaunch up to a rebranding are pointed out. Additionally, effisma provides support in the preparation of a detailed business plan and development of the vision.

July 2016

.. effisma elaborates competitive analysis in the field of connected cars
In the course of digitization, the topic “connected car” is becoming increasingly important. Within this new trendsetting topic, effisma analyzes the competitive environment of a premium automotive manufacturer. Focus of the competitive intelligence is the automotive trade, for which effisma identifies and analyzes the key success factors regarding the information, sales and activation process for connected car. Within the scope of the analysis, the effisma.group interviewed numerous car dealerships and formulates specific recommendations for action.

June 2016

.. effisma supports business development of an online sales start-up focused on new cars
We will be assisting to lay the basis for the business success of the automotive start-up in Europe’s largest car market. To this end, we are promoting actively their market entry within our strong network of top automotive retail players.

April 2016

.. Marketing in the digital age
AUTOHAUS article from Stefan J. Gaul, effisma Partner

Regarding E-Marketing, exclusive brand car retailer seems to get pushed into the background, while already the independent dealer invests up to 80% of its marketing budget in online activities. It is an imperative to recognize the signs of  the transformation process from classic to digital marketing, with online advertising channels the car dealership are on the right way. Stefan J. Gaul, expert in the field of digital transformation, illuminates the chances and challenges that occur in the process of digitization.

February 2016

.. we welcome our new intern Moritz Bradel
Within his internship, Mr. Bradel will support us in different projects during the upcoming two months. Mr. Bradel is currently enrolled in a master program of economics at the university of Augsburg. He already gained practical experience working in the auditing business for three years. We are looking forward to give him some insights in our daily consulting business. Welcome.

January 2016

.. Making calls of prospective buyers tangible and handle them professionally
„I have seen a car on the internet and have some questions about it …“ Such calls are not uncommon in the car dealership business. However, the company doesn’t know on which website the customer discovered the car and through which incoming channel the first contact happened. Neither they know how long it took from the incoming call to the call acceptance. Did the transfer from call center to sales representative work properly? If not, how fast did the customer get a call back? How many times did he try to reach the customer and how long did he talk to the customer? Based on the results of test calls we made the conclusion that the availability via phone is quite varied and not all participants are taking care of the prospective customer in the same high quality.

Currently, effisma. group advises one of the biggest auto sales groups, in order to achieve transparency in the above mentioned processes. Our dealership experts have analyzed the processes in every detail and developed solutions in collaboration with the management. This holistic concept covers all incoming requests starting from phone calls over E-Mail up to Fax or Social Media Contacts. Actually, we support the decision process, referring to the question which Lead Management System covers the requirements of the dealership best.

In this case, once more the BDC (Business Development Center) approach is noticeable due to the tracking of all incoming calls and all requests reaching the retailer via e-mail. From the origin of the calling party till the registration of the dialing number, all relevant data will be saved, qualified and enriched centrally before the information gets transferred to the sales representative. The customer data base will be updated in advance to ensure that the sales department always uses the current status of data in lead management and customer master data.

The overall target is to get the roll-out of all agencies done untill midyear 2017. The main challenge for reaching the target is the accurate adjustment of the technical components and the coaching of all parties involved regarding the new processes. We are looking forward to the upcoming piloting.

December 2015

.. effisma analyses and validates business and operator model of an OEM-owned car rental / Insourcing vs. Outsourcing
A lot of dealerships and oems are dealing with the question, whether the car rental business should be done by themselves or rather be handed over to a professional car rental company. To answer this question a many factors, such as the rental structure at the point of sale, the right composition of a fleet, additional staff or the use of an appropriate rental software have to be taken into account.
In this case, the national organisation of a premium oem has currently outsourced its rental business to an external service provider.
Effisma helps to validate a possible insourcing approach. Therefore, we compare and evaluate strategic, IT-technical and cost side effects.
In the end, a make or buy decision paper including adjustment requirements will be developed and a realization plan will be designed.

November 2015

.. effisma is growing and welcomes Tobias Petschl as new team member
After his studies of energy and resource management Tobias Petschl worked in different projects in the field of sales processes and after sales. Details about his career in the team area of our website.

November 2015

.. effisma supports business development and optimizes a governance model for a premium automotive OEM
Within the scope of a strategic repositioning in one business unit of a premium automotive OEM, we are currently analyzing their self-image and governance model of all involved teams. Therefore, we define in cooperation with the business unit needs for change regarding their procedure model, scope of tasks and responsibilities. In this particular context, we provide a detailed analysis of their business development to point out optimization potential as well as new approaches.

October 2015

.. effisma is responsible for migrating an OEM owned mobility product
As a part of a restructuring process regarding the dealership retail network in Germany of a premium automotive OEM, those sold dealership locations as well as already owned investor locations are facing necessary changes in order to continue or start providing a mobility product. Therefore, effisma.group is planning and implementing the entire rollout by developing an individual rollout concept and providing an in-house training.

October 2015

.. we are happy to welcome Julian Hettich in our team
Julian Hettich studied philosophy at the Freie Universität Berlin and international business administration at the European-University Viadrina. He is supporting our team in several rollout projects .
For more detailed information, please visit the team area of our website.

September 2015

.. effisma cooperates with TÜV Rheinland
effisma.group is proud to announce its new cooperation with Automotive Retail Consult of TÜV Rheinland. Our part is it to advice the Automotive Retail Consult in the implementation of business development centers, lead management for sales and after sales as well as to rollout internet-based sales models for car dealers. For more detailed information, please go to „about us/ cooperation“.

August 2015

.. effisma sponsors newspaper subscription for „Fanny-Leicht-Gymnasium“
Investing in children’s education is paying off in their future lifes. That’s why we are supporting the Fanny-Leicht-Gymnasium with a Stuttgater Nachricht newspaper subscription. Enabling the young scholars to read a newspaper daily is helping them at first to understand political, social and economic topics and second to develop an own opinion.

July 2015

.. effisma  implements a Business Development Center and Lead Management
for a big car dealership selling brands like VW and Audi. After an extensive phase of analysis and trainings done by effisma piloting started successfully.

June 2015

.. Age of the customer – – I beg your pardon?
AUTOHAUS article written by Stefan Gaul – effisma partner and managing director
The car dealers are faced with new challenges because customer’s behaviour is ongoing changing as a result of using new media. In order to satisfy fully their needs and expectations within the buying process, a change in processes and organization is necessary for the dealers to adapt to.
The effisma.group advises OEMs  and dealer-groups on how to optimizie efficiently and effectively all relevant customer processes. It is a question of creating measurability as well as the implementation of faster response times in sales (lead management) and Marketing (campaign management) by implemeting a business development center in order to increase customer satisfaction.

January 2015

..effisma implements Lead Management Processes
for a big german car dealership. For the status analysis of the existing process and system landscape the requirements for implementation are defined and piloted in cooperatin with the car dealership.
After the succesful piloting gradually the new processes and systems are rolled out in all businesses.

November 2014

..Lead Management Benchmark Analysis and development of sales funnel logic for one of the biggest full service providers agencies in Germany.

August 2014

..Strategic validation of business modell for a new mobility product
in European subsidiaries of a worldwide leading premium automotive manufacturers

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