efficient sales & marketing


Our work focuses on the key business areas sales and marketing, seen as strategic functions and less as operating unit within a company. We will help you to identify essential business issues that need to be decided on: What is my USP, how should my market entry strategy be defined and how could the business case for a new product/service be shaped like? Catching management’s attention for your new innovative sales/marketing or prdouct approach is exactly where effisma.group can support your business unit to succeed.

How a company can cope successfully with all implied challenges regarding digital transformation is a key question that we focus on advising for quite a few years now. Developing new business models as well as challenging already existing business models or validating present business cases is our daily business. Thus, transforming a good project into a better one reflects our ambition. We do believe that professional experience is a key factor to succeed in this process.

Our customers include large corporations and German Mittelstand companies of the automotive, telecommunications, consumer goods, real estate, capital goods and professional service providers industry.

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