efficient sales & marketing

Digital Transformation

Training in the retail section regarding the topic „digital transformation“
for an automotive OEM


  • Qualification of the employees and giving of an idea in the changing digital world of automotive sales
  • Identification of challenges generated by the digital media for OEM and retail
  • Mediation of the paradigm shift in the way consumers gathering information

  • Know-how transfer and breakout sessions
  • Training to mediate the challenges of the digital transformation
  • Implementation of accompanying workshops for discussion and development of new solutions

  • Processing the results of the whole series of events and derivation of recommendations for further actions
  • Development of five starting points that found its way into the strategy process

Internet-based sales and digital marketing for new cars
– challenges and opportunities for the brand trade

for the dealers association of a volume carmaker


  • Identification of opportunities for automotive dealerships to position themselves in addition to the traditional media in the digital media (including web-based, search engines, marketplaces and social media)
  • Identification of a cost-effective alternative media presence for automotive retailers, in particular related to the exploitation of lead generation

  • As-is analysis and interviews with peer groups
  • Development of various evaluation matrices
  • Validation of a to-be scenario to find the optimal media mix of print, online, search engines and social media  for automotive retailers

  • Recommendation by valuation of options, considering possible scenarios


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