efficient sales & marketing


Benchmarking and Development of a Campaign Managment
for a Full-Service Provider Agency


  • Developing a Campaign Management
  • Identifying benchmarks regarding conversion rates
  • Optimizing sales structures and processes

  • Analysis of the market status quo
  • Development Best-in-Class Sales approach
  • Preparation of campaign concept and recommendation for sales funnel approach
  • Creation of templates with specific campaigns and clear targeting

  • Definiton of a clear Sales Funnel approach for diferent kinds of campaigns
  • Developing a planning tool to define and derivate the necessary degree of adjustment for desired sales success

Development of a business model and business case
regarding a OEM branded rental product in cooperation with the bank of a premium automotive OEM


  • Validation of a business idea
  • Engineering and relining business case with data
  • Preparation of decision

  • Development of alternative business models and their validation
  • Developing data basis and calculate business case as well as start-up curve ( simulation tool for pool controlling)
  • Risk assessment and success factors
  • Developing the organizational model of the settlement unit and process model
  • Developing a Board of Management template to simplify decision making

  • Confirmation of the decision template as well as submission of business cases
  • Approval heading to the next phase


Developing of a market access strategy and decision template
for a leading internet car market place


  • Drafting a market model for determining the relevant market
  • Demonstration of the potential and the risks regarding market access

  • Carry out a detailed market and competitive analysis including the conduction of expert interviews and product testings
  • Development of strategic options and their positioning
  • Determination of the potential of all strategic options and formulating recommendations

  • Presentation of analysis results to the managing directors
  • Management decision for one of the featured strategic options

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