efficient sales & marketing


Implementation of Lead Managment processes at a large car dealership group
at a large car dealership group


  • Raising the conversion rate of incoming leads
  • Establishing transperency regarding lead volume, processing time and profit rates of various lead sources
  • Standardization of processes at different locations

  • Identification of oppurtunities for improvement regarding lead generation
  • Developing standardized Lead Management processes to increase sales and improve conversion rates
  • Reviewing Business Development Center concept under aspects of success and economically  efficient viability
  • Developing measures to implement new processes in the existing structure of the organization
  • Defining possible interfaces for the established OEM dealer management systems which are customized to the needs of the car dealership
  • Development of a standardized performance controlling

  • Performance measurement of all facilities and promotions
  • Established lead qualification process
  • Increased conversion rate  and faster processing time
  • Quicker and more reliable customer contact
  • Realization of a better availibility

Strategy Development for the „Lead Monetarization“
of an operating matchmaker online platform, operating in Europe (new/used car commercialization)


  • Evaluating willingness to pay for lead generation
  • Lead quality validation by retailers
  • Valuation of retailers willingness to pay for existing lead quality

  • Interviewing various retail organizations of different size and  levels of turnover
  • Evaluation, summary and documentation of results
  • Developing recommendations regarding further steps – taking into account the current competitive environment and interview results

  • Opportunities and risks of a „pay per lead“ model revealed
  • Identified barriers to the intensification of new car sales were demonstrated and discussed
  • Recommendations for the improvement of the new car segment shown

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