effisma is an agile consulting specialist in the automotive sector with an attached workbench.
We stand for tailor-made concepts and solutions for manufacturers, captives and stationary car dealers.

Mobility as a Service

How will digitalization effect the stagnation of your traditional automobile business?

Which product and service portfolio opens your gate to the future of mobility?

Which business models will lead you from a classical car dealer to an innovative mobility service provider?

Innovation as a Service

You want to break out of old, restrictive structures and remain compliant?

Do you consider the real customer pain points before specifying a product?

Are you constantly behind in collecting vital customer feedback?

Digital Product Management

Are you facing the challenge of a new system and process implementation?

Are you looking for your ideal eCommerce solution?

Which business models come into question and how is your business case structured?

Blended Learning

How can you arrange employee training more attractive and effective?

Which learning formats are up to date and successfully appeal to all learning styles?

How do you achieve sustainable learning success?

Store Check

Lead Management / Mobility at the dealership

Are your dealership-specific processes optimally aligned with your customers?

What options and systems are there to measure and sustainably expand your profitability?

You want an independent and professional analysis of your actual situation in the car dealership?

Lead Management

Do you manage to answer all incoming customer inquiries?

How does effective lead processing look like and which IT systems are necessary?

How do you sustainably and transparently increase your conversion rate?