Experts in Motion

The Intershop, Hybris and YaaS experts from Stuttgart with a focus on B2B solutions have been working in medium-sized companies for over 20 years. With their expertise, they support us as partners in the areas of e-commerce, content management, digital asset management, and product information management.


Together with our Berlin partner LOCALYZER, we offer you a cost effective simple solution for your regional online marketing. Strengthen your online presence in all relevant networks with just one tool – precise postcode control on the relevant platforms (google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or banner advertising).


The name says it all – the Hamburg hardcore-nerds live their company claim by “developing innovations for visionary leaders”. Our partner develops technical prototypes which do not yet exist in this form on the market. Every project is a new moon landing!


Together with our partner Userlane, we offer the fastest and most flexible solution for digital adaptation platforms to our customers. Based on interactive in-app instructions and contextual support, you can maximize the acceptance of software at a minimum of administrative effort and help your users to achieve the desired results as quickly as possible.


The Berlin wycomco-ians live web and mobile. That is why they are our partners for customized IT solutions in the areas of rapid prototyping, software development (PHP, Python, Javascript, Swift, FileMaker), workflow optimization and IT operations.